• 28 - 10'x12' Box Stalls (9 located in heated front barn)
  • Attached 160'x60' Indoor Arena
  • 160'x80' Maintained Outdoor Arena
  • 40' Outdoor Round Pen
  • Hot Water Wash Rack in Heated Barn
  • Various Sized Dry Lots for turnout (with shelters in larger lots)
  • All lots and turn out pens have heated, automatic waterers.
  • 10 Acre Maintained Pasture (with automatic water, natural shelter, and supplemented round-bale)
  • Personal Tack Lockers for each boarder (Approx. 3.5'x3.5'x7')
  • Trailer Storage based on availability

Boarding Information

Service Categories:

Heated Stall -

         Includes: Hay (mix or grass) and grain twice daily, turnout, and climate control barn.

Non-Heated Stall -

         Includes: Hay (mix or grass) and grain twice daily, and turnout.

Dry/Grass Lot -

         Includes: Hay (mix, grass, or round bale) and grain once daily, lean-to shelter.

Dry/Grass Lot -

         Includes hay only (mix, grass, or round bale) with no grain, lean-to-shelter.
Pasture ​- 
         Includes: Sectioned 10 acre pasture, maintained to offer healthy foraging for horses. Mowed regularly to combat weeds and allowed to              rest when needed. Horses are supplemented with round bale year-round and have various forms of natural shelter with access to a                      heated automatic waterer.  

*All boarders are offered a personal tack locker in VERITAS tack room (subject to availability) most equipped with an exhaust fan to combat moisture in warm months. Every boarder has full access to all VERITAS public amenities during barn hours.  

VERITAS Equestrian Center is a full service facility that is dedicated to the care of each individual horse.  You can rest easy knowing that  owners live within walking distance and check the herd health as part of a daily routines.  VERITAS offers a variety of boarding options with limited availability.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in making Veritas your horse's place to call home.